Products Made in Hawaii, distributed solely in Hawaii, or unique to Hawaii.

2012 Vendor Application

2012 ALA Hawaii Conference
Hawaii Prince Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
Local Vendor Food Show
August 22, 2012
8:00am – 2:30PM

 In conjunction with the 2012 Hawaii Conference, the Hawaii Chapter and the American Logistics Association will be offering Hawaii businesses an opportunity to participate in a unique “Local Vendor Food / Trade Show”.

Manufacturers and distributors of products Made in Hawaii, unique to Hawaii and /or  best selling items (National items included) sold in Hawaii only and not nationally, will have an opportunity to display, sample, and present their products to Hawaii Commissary and Exchange buyers for consideration to be sold in the Hawaii stores.  Last year, over 220 new “local” items were added to the Hawaii Stores and 9 new vendor contracts were established with the Defense Commissary Agency. The combined exchanges started doing business with over 12 new companies and over 50 new line items.

This is a tremendous opportunity to increase your sales locally with the possibility to grow your business beyond Hawaii.  DeCA alone, grosses $6 Billion dollars annually, Hawaii commissaries does over $280 Million dollars annually.  The key decision-makers will be in attendance. This is your time to sell your product.

One-on-one meetings will be scheduled on Friday, August 24th and August 25th Saturday with the DeCA Buyers. You will be informed if your items were approved and / or if your company was selected to do business with DeCA.  These meetings will be held at The Hawaii Prince Hotel.  Days and times will be assigned at a later date.  The Exchange meetings will be held the following week in the buyer’s office located on Oahu.

Snapshot of event details:

  • Cost to participate is $495.00 per booth. (Includes (1) ticket to the DeCA Meeting on Aug 23, 2012)
  • Size of booth is 6 x 8.  Space is limited to 80 booths.
  • Maximum of 2 company representatives per booth.
  • One preparation class will be held starting in July.
  • DeCA forms will be made available.
  • Booth Identification signs and POS will be the vendors responsibility
  • Table assignments will be distributed 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Vendors are to supply all necessary supplies to include but not limited to:
  • Ice
  • Trash receptacles / bags
    • Vendors are responsible to clean up their booth (s)
    • Cooking and sampling of items are will be allowed.

Click on the link below for more information and application (pdf file)

ALA Local Vendors 2012 – Show Infor-1