Products Made in Hawaii, distributed solely in Hawaii, or unique to Hawaii.

Quick Facts

  • Last year’s show resulted in 185 new items selected for inclusion in the commissary system on O’ahu – including products from ten companies that had previously never done business with DeCA
  • The combined Military Exchanges added 15 new companies and over 300 new line items to their selection
  • Over the course of the show’s eighteen year history, 2,452 local products have been added to Commissary shelves.
  • The  ALA Hawaii food show features products Made in Hawaii, distributed solely in Hawaii, or unique to Hawaii.
  • DeCA grosses more than $5.6 billion annually and sales in Hawaii commissaries account for more than $250 annually.
  • The expo has been held since 1998 and gives companies an opportunity to display their goods at one venue.
  • More than 80 local companies showcase about 2,000 products. Everything from cookies and coffee to biodegradable paper goods and toilet deodorizing drops.
  • Hawaii commissaries routinely stock more than 100 varieties of locally grown fruits and vegetables and a total of more than 2,000 local grocery items.
  • ALA Hawaii has donated over $20,000 to the Wounded Warrior Program in Hawaii and PSTD
  • The ALA is a voluntary, nonprofit organization of manufacturers, their representatives, brokers, distributors, publishers and other companies that sell or provide products and services to the military. for more information.
  • DeCA operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries at cost to 164,000 active-duty and retired members of the Armed Forces, Guard and Reserve members and their families located in Hawaii.
  • A 5 percent surcharge added to each patron’s total purchase funds the cost of maintaining, replacing and modernizing existing commissaries, store level IT and equipment.
  • Commissary shoppers save an average of more than 30 percent* worldwide on purchases, compared to commercial prices.
    • Average savings in Hawaii is 40 percent.
  • DeCA operates four commissaries in Hawaii, all on the island of Oahu.
  • Commissaries and exchanges are separate entities.  Exchanges apply a markup and generate earnings on goods sold to fund employee salaries, operating expenses and facility construction.  A portion of their earnings is provided to the military services to fund Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.