Products Made in Hawaii, distributed solely in Hawaii, or unique to Hawaii.

About ALA

The American Logistics Association Hawaii Show and Conference, August 14, 2018 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, Waikiki, offers Hawaii companies an important business opportunity to bridge the gap between local companies and the military shopper.  Worldwide Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) buyers touch, smell, and taste Hawaii products as they consider adding new items for sale in the Commissary system.

The show also addresses requests from military members and their families who want to purchase more local products in the commissaries.  The American Logistics Association (ALA Hawaii) is a  trade association of manufacturers, brokers, and distributors who sell or provide products to the military.

The ALA Hawaii food show features products Made in Hawaii, distributed solely in Hawaii, or unique to Hawaii.

What started as a small food show twenty years ago featuring a dozen companies has expanded to more than 80 companies annually showcasing their wares to key military buyers.  Over the course of the show’s history, 2,802 local products have been added to Commissary shelves.

Last year, 350 new items were selected for inclusion in the commissary system on O’ahu as a result of the show.  This included products from 27 companies that had previously never done business with DeCA.  The combined military exchanges also added over 15 new companies and over 200 new line items to their selection.

The ALA Hawaii Show continues to grow and evolve as a way to help local businesses increase their sales.  With demonstrated success local companies have the opportunity to expand to Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) commissaries on the United States mainland and in South East Asia.

Advance marketing classes prepare companies to work within the commissary system by educating attendees on how to meet DeCA requirements, how to navigate government paperwork, and by sharing techniques on how best to market their products.  The business-to-business show provides valuable marketing, sales, and product packaging advice to business owners.  The cost to schedule a booth at the show is $695 and the show fills quickly.

The ALA Hawaii together with its’ sponsors gives back to the military community donating more than $50,000 in commissary gift cards, monetary donations, and products and services (over the past 20 years) to scholarships, donations to the Wounded Warrior and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder programs in Hawaii.